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I have a Dream

Dreams Are Never The Victims Of One's Physical Shortcomings , Just Captives Of Our Mental Barriers

Our Causes


On every trip that we take, we try to make sure that the travelers get to learn a new skill that will help them to be more independent and earn a better way of living for themselves..

Networking and Community Building

Humans are social beings and since the time of early man, the importance of networking has been known to humanity. It has been a primary source of feeling..

Confidence Building and Image Formation

Confiednec can be describedf as a belief in oneself, that one has the ability to meet life’s challenges and to succeed-and acting in a way that conveys that belief..

Ummeed Ki Kirno Se, Khilte Chehre

Our Trips

What people say about us

Mr. Amit Jain has Started to Organize Such Irips Very Frequently, I Think he is Enjoying Helping The Visually Impaired People I Wish The He Continues Spreading Happiness With The Same Smile and Enthusiasm Continues Spreading happiness. It is Very Enlightening to see That The Happiness That He is Spreading to others Is Coming Back To Him in Wives and can Be Seen on His face. Enjoy Alone and Remember Me Again For Such Beautiful Ventres Keep Smiling Keep Rising

Mr. Rajesh Gupta,
MLA, Wazirpur Delhi

I am Extremely Glad That My Friends Are Going For a Tour With Mr. Amit Jain, the Founder of Rising Star Khilte Chehre. There is a Special Human Guide Technique for People to Assist the Visually Impaired, and the Organizers Are Doing a Great Job by Collecting People From the Community to Assist the People from Visually Impaired Community have This Wholesome Experience. I Would Like to Congratulate the Entire Team For Their Initiative For Getting People Out of Their Closet. I hope that You Also Get To Learn Plenty Of New Things While Making Memories for a lifetime and I also Hope That You Get To Inspire Many More People to be a Part of This Initiative.

Padma Shri J. L. Kaul,
Founder, All India Conference of the Blind

Amit Ji has not only been changing our perception, but also, the mindset of the rest of the world.

Diksha (Traveller)

I am not used to coming out of my house very often. I never knew I could feel this happy and safe altogether.

Minakshi (Traveller)

This Concept Has The Potential to Change Lives, on an Individual Level and on Massive Scale. Kudos to the Courage.

Chirag (Traveller)

This World Has Many Things to Offer. One of Them is Freedom That I Experience now. Its Beautiful and Can’t be Confined in Words.

Abhay (Traveller)

I Have Lived of my Life Unaware of the Fact Someday, Someone CaMost n Actually Change Our Lives in This Way.

Aneesh (Traveller)

The Moment You Step Out With RSKC, You Don’t Miss Your Family. They Become Your Family.

Deepak (Traveller)

I Came As a Different Person and Now Leaving as a Different Person. I have So Much Gratitude For Life That I Can’t Stop Being Thankful Enough.

Vaishali (Volunteer)

I came as a Fresher, But I am Leaving as a Person Full Of Knowledge and Confidence To Face What The World Has To Offer.

Sonal (Volunteer)

RSKC is Just Not an Organization, But It Becomes your Family. These People Are Selfless and So Full Of Positivity That You Cannot Help But Catch Those Vibes.

Manish (Volunteer)

Life is not What How You Spend Collecting Amenities, Rather it is in Those Moments, You Extend Your Hand To Reach Out Those In Need. Thanks To RSKC For Making Me A Better Person.

Priyansh (Volunteer)

I Have Never Thought Of This Need Of A Person. The Level Of Consideration It Must Have Taken For Amit Ji To Start Something Like This Is Commendable.

Kanika (Volunteer)

You Not Just Learn With RSKC, You Explore Yourself, And I Think This Was What I Neede to do The Most.

Mansi (Volunteer)

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